Salsa y Verano

- July

Salsa y Verano is an annual festival to celebrate what else but….salsa music and dance!  Plenty of concerts and dance performances.

Festival Mundial de Salsa

- September

Every September, Cali hosts the Festival Mundial de Salsa (Worldwide Festival of Salsa) which includes competitions, performances, and dance workshops.

Feria de Cali (The Cali Fair)

- December

La Feria de Cali is the city’s biggest event of the year, entailing a week of parades, partying, concerts, and events between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. La Cabalgata (horse parade) is a perennial favorite.


- September to December

Delirio is a show that mixes dancing, orchestral music, circus acrobatics, and the audience.  It’s held for the last week of each month from September to December.

Additional information and photos about Cali’s annual festivals and events can be found on the Corfecali website.