Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing in Cali is wildly popular, and there are a variety of popular bars and clubs that cater to the appetite of locals and visitors alike.  Cali is not only the salsa capital of Colombia, it is widely regarded as the salsa dancing capital of the world!

The city is full of excellent dancers of all ages, though you’re more likely to find average dancers in regular crossover clubs. If you want to see skillful dancers passionate about salsa dancing in Cali, you have to head for the salsa clubs.

Salsa Clubs in Cali

  • Tin Tin Deo – very popular, old school bar.
  • La Fuente – small, inexpensive bar, popular on the weekends.
  • Zaperoco – live salsa bands on Thursdays.
  • Chango (external link)
  • Discoteca Extasis (external link)
  • Blues Brothers (external link) - live salsa bands on Thursdays.
  • Salsa Discoteka en la Roosevelt – popular all weekend, including Sunday nights (around 10 pm).  This was a tip from a taxi driver, and I’m having trouble tracking down the address, especially given the name of the club is so generic. If you know which bar this is, please contact us.

Places to Learn Salsa in Cali